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Scooch makes it easy to reward employees for maintaining healthy levels of everyday movement

A major threat to living a long & healthy life is the sedentary routine that many jobs unfortunately encourage. Roughly 80% of employees simply do not meet medically recommended levels of movement. This increases the risk of major health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease & hypertension by as much as 50%.

Scooch has been working with medical experts & employers to create a simple, automated & flexible solution that rewards employees for reaching a healthy level of movement within the constraints of a busy day.

Our system makes it easy for employers to set up bespoke, tax-efficient individual & group rewards like team outings, free lunches or employer-funded donations to an employee’s chosen charity to encourage each employee to do little things that add up to living a longer & healthier life.

Scooch is designed to encourage all employees to move however, whenever & wherever they like - not just in a gym. It requires no hardware purchases & no complicated setup. Best of all the impact is real. With Scooch employees live a healthier lifestyle & employers enjoy a more productive workforce with lower medical costs & reduced absenteeism.

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